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Different events

These are the services 
that you will love

Reach all fans - whether present or not

Reach the right fans

Filter fans who haven't checked in yet and reach out to them directly.

Contact late comers

Inform fans who are not yet in your venue to hurry up.

Hyping your audience

Whether it's a closing or surprise act: announce artists with just a few clicks and reach the right target group even at large events or festivals.

Each marketing campaign has its own store

How was the performance? Measure the exact conversion of different marketing campaigns of each store.

Personalize store access through coupons

You can also invite only certain fans to a store. This way, no one but the fans you want will have access to that store.

Different ticket rules for individual stores

If you wish, you can easily set individual ticket rules per store.

One place for (re)sale

One marketplace for all tickets

Whether primary or secondary market doesn't matter anymore. There is only one place for fans to buy tickets.

Less No Shows

Tickets that go back on sale are easier for all fans to find. This makes last-minute buyers easier, resulting in a higher sell-out rate.

No more middlemen

Curious middlemen no longer have a chance to make money at their expense.

If you can host it,

Tectix can sell it

As an organizer you are a multi-talent. Your repertoire includes everything that is fun: be it an outdoor festival for lots of fans or the exclusive happening with strictly limited seat tickets. With Tectix you can realize your plans. And turn ideas into sales.

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