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Key to Success

Made by Doers.

Not by programmers

Tectix was not developed by any developers. We are event managers who (have to) sell hundreds of thousands of tickets every year.

We thought about it: What do we need? What we don't need? What bothers us about the solutions that exist. And how can we do it better. And that's exactly what we did.

Since then, we can organize and market more events better. And you can do it too.

Test it yourself / demo version

With the blockchain

you also control the secondary market.

Many people earn money from your tickets. But it's not always you.

With Tectix, that changes. We use blockchain technology. This means that you can also control the resale of your tickets - and, in case of any doubt, also earn money when your tickets change hands. This also benefits your customers and artists.

No more inflated black market prices from shady sources. 

Test it yourself / demo version
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