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Sell only tickets

These are the benefits you will love

Event details

Choose title and description for your event


Enter the event address


Set the time and the start / end date


Use a unique URL


Easy to use

With extreme ease of use and built-in features like ticket sharing and direct communication, the fun for fans starts the moment a ticket is purchased.

Guest list

Easy Creation of Guest Lists

Create the guest list, select a ticket type and availability. That's it.

Your Guests, Your Rules

Sie bestimmen die Regularien für Ihre besonderen Gäste. Erstellen Sie nicht erstattungsfähige & nicht verkaufbare personalisierte Tickets - einfach und schnell.

Tickets in Paper tickets are optional optional

If security is not your main concern, you can also offer the tickets as a print option.

Sell tickets? It doesn't get any better than this.

You're hosting an event of any kind - be it a concert, a party, a puppet show or a circus event - and you're looking for a way to sell tickets easily, affordably and securely. With Tectix you can easily set up events, set ticket prices and sell tickets. On this page we have compiled the most important functions for you.

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