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Corporate / Non-profit

These are the Benefits you will love

Ideal seat placement

Our algorithm ensures an
automatic seat booking management under consideration of social distancing regulations.

No waiting time & queues

Diverse ticket variants and fully digital QR codes enable a controlled entry management.

Easy visitor traceability

As the smart tickets are linked to the visitors' smartphone, persons can be contacted quickly and directly.

Direct live-communication

Guests can be contacted directly on the smartphone using the message function.

Real time check-in

Always be informed who exactly is present at the event location.

Contactless ticket-scan

Possibility to scan through glass or plastic panes.

The sales force meeting with participants from all over the world, the annual general meeting, the company event. Or the community festival. There are many events where you don't charge for entry, but still want to have a full overview of your visitors. With Tectix, you work like a pro - even when it's not for profit.

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