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Tickets & Merch

These are the benefits you will love

All tickets in one place

Gift, share and sell

Our wallet app makes it easy for fans to gift, share and sell their tickets.

Ticket history stored

It doesn't matter how many times a ticket is shared, given away or sold. All (previous) owners are known, verified and can be analyzed at any time.

Tickets to friends

Sharing is caring. With our group functionality, friends can easily share their tickets.

Cross- and Upselling

Increase their sales

Create and integrate cross-sell and upsell options during the buying process to maximize their sales.

Available during and after purchase

Fans can also buy or be attracted to buy cross-sell and upsell options after the ticket has been bought.

Ticket fraud impossible

Guaranteed verification & authenticity

Fans can verify the authenticity of tickets at any time.

No duplicates possible

Each ticket is unique and cannot be duplicated due to a dynamic QR code and the blockchain technology.

Less support needed

A larger number of satisfied fans means less support for you.

Everything your fans love. From tickets to t-shirts.

You want to offer your fans more than just tickets. With the right merchandise, an event becomes an experience - and a better business for you. With Tectix you can sell any kind of merch. From posters to t-shirts. Suitable for every event.

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