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The easiest pricing system in the world

Do you also know the price packages from S to XXL, where you never know in advance 
which one you need - and is therefore always wrong?
We do not have that. No packages. 
Just two numbers. And they're a bit smaller than those of the competition.

Corporate Events & 

Non-profit event organizer

The annual staff meeting, the sales team days, the community festival - whenever you need tickets to organize your visitors but don't want to charge an entry fee, the corporate and non-profit packages are just what you need.
Full service at a fixed price.


Fixed price

Events until 100 visitors


Fixed price

Events until 500 visitors


Fixed price

Events over 500 visitors


+ € 0.49 / Ticket


For each ticket you sell, this price applies.


+ 0.30 € / Merchandise

Merch and more

For everything else this price applies.

You also earn when your tickets are resold

Tectix is based on blockchain technology. You don't need to know how it works.
But you need to know what that means for you:
You have full control over your tickets and what happens to them even after the sale.
You can control everything:

Can your tickets be resold?

What is the maximum/minimum price for resale?

How much of the money goes to you - how much to the reseller?


+ € 0.90 / Ticket


If your tickets are resold, this price applies.

Whether you pay it yourself or pass it on to the reseller is up to you.

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