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Get it done

Events are your business. 
That means: You have a lot to do - and everything has to work point. Tectix is “the digital operating system” for your business. With us you have everything under control. From ticket sales to community management.

What kind of event creator are you?

Sell Tickets Only

From the Punch and Judy show to the big concert

Tickets and Merch

Sell tickets and everything the fans love

Different Events

For those who organize many different events

Corporate / Non-profit

From the corporate event to the graduation ball

Our Benefits

Super easy

Five minutes to a fully set up event, personal service included

Super flexible

Everything from ticket sales to community management

Super secure

Blockchain technology 100% fraud proof. Full control over secondary marketing

That's how it looks



Set up an event

That's how quickly you set up your event. With different price ranges and all the trimmings.



This is how your customer experiences it

Buying tickets will be easier than ever for your customers. Check it out for yourself.



Your event management

You always have everything under control: Which tickets have been sold? Are the announcement emails out yet?

Test it yourself / demo version

All Tectix options are available to you right from the start. You only pay for what you use.

Our Prices


+ € 0.49 / Ticket


For each ticket you sell, this price applies


+ 0.30 € / Merch item

Merch and more

For everything else this price applies.


+ € 0.90 / Ticket


If your tickets are resold, this price will apply. 

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